10 Python Coding Challenges to Kickstart Your Programming Journey

The path to becoming a Python master is paved with challenges, and tackling them head-on is the best way to hone your skills and build confidence.

The path to becoming a Python master is paved with challenges, and tackling them head-on is the best way to hone your skills and build confidence. While books and online courses provide valuable knowledge, nothing beats the practical experience gained through coding challenges. These bite-sized problems pack a punch, focusing on specific skills you’ll use later in real-world projects.

Ready to dive into the action? Holberton NYC presents 10 beginner-friendly Python coding challenges to jumpstart your programming journey:

Radian to Degree Conversion

Write a function that takes an angle in radians as input and returns its equivalent in degrees. Remember, Pi comes in handy here! Import it from the math module and use it wisely.

List Sorting Spree

Create a function that takes a list of numbers and a sorting order (“asc”, “desc”, or “none”) as inputs. Return the list sorted in ascending or descending order, or leave it untouched if “none” is chosen.

Decimal to Binary Decoder

Write a function that converts a decimal number (less than 1,024) to its binary equivalent. Keep it simple and focus on the logic without going beyond ten digits.

Vowel Counter

This function’s mission is to count the vowels (a, e, i, o, and u) in a given string. No sneaky “y”s allowed!

Credit Card Concealer

Design a function that takes a credit card number and transforms it into a string where all digits except the last four are replaced with asterisks.

X Marks the Spot (or Does It?)

Create a function that analyzes a string and returns True if the number of Xs and Os are equal, False otherwise. Remember, even zero Xs and Os mean equality!

Pocket Calculator

Write a function that takes two integers and a mathematical operator (+, -, /, *) as inputs and performs the specified calculation, returning the result.

Discount Dynamo

Design a function that takes an item’s original price and a discount percentage as inputs and returns the final price after the discount is applied.

Number Ninja

Write a function that accepts a list containing a mix of strings and non-negative integers. Return a new list with only the integers in the same order they appeared in the original list.

Character Doubler

This function’s task is simple: take a string as input and return a new string where each character is doubled. Remember, “now” becomes “nnooww” and “123a!” transforms into “112233aa!!”.

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