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Dive into Holberton NYC’s comprehensive coding boot camp—designed for rapid, real-world success.

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From Zero to Engineer in Less Than a Year

Become a software engineer faster than you thought possible. Our boot camps, lasting either 3 or 9 months, are streamlined to rapidly transform you into a tech professional, bypassing traditional multi-year degree programs.

Flexible Learning, Tailored to Your Life

Our fully online and asynchronous courses provide the flexibility to balance education with your personal and professional life. Optional in-person sessions at our Manhattan campus offer networking opportunities without compromising your schedule.

Affordable Path to a High-Paying Career

Kickstart your tech career with our boot camps starting at $5,000 for three months or $12,000 for nine months. Spread your payments over five years, with options as low as $118 per month, to manage costs easily and invest wisely in your future.

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3-Month Python & JavaScript
Essentials Bootcamp

Acquire the essentials of Python and JavaScript for foundational tech skills.

9-Month Comprehensive Software Engineering Bootcamp

Transform into a software developer and acquire coding fundamentals and advanced software development for a life-changing career shift.

3-Month Python & JavaScript Essentials Bootcamp

Acquire the essentials of Python and JavaScript for foundational tech skills.

Why Choose Holberton?

In just eight years, Holberton has expanded to 35 campuses worldwide. That kind of growth really shows off the success and power of what we teach here.

And it's not just our growth that's impressive. Jeff Weiner, former CEO of LinkedIn, has highlighted Holberton as a powerhouse in tech education, comparable to the Ivy League.

''Holberton School is producing remarkable, Ivy League-caliber graduates without the costs, the time, or the prerequisites.''

Jeff Weiner, former CEO of LinkedIn

No coding experience? No problem.

Holberton welcomes all aspiring tech professionals, regardless of their background.
Choose the lifestyle that fits your aspirations

Startup Founder

Dive into the startup world, innovating and steering your own company to success.


Enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere—be it a beach or a cafe, while earning a substantial income.

Big Tech Employee

Secure a position at major tech firms, where our graduates have thrived.

Holberton School stands as a leading Coding Bootcamp, evidenced by the elite companies that employ our graduates.

Big Tech Giants Choose Holberton Graduates

Transform Your Career with Holberton NYC

Holberton NYC provides a swift and efficient pathway into the tech world, ideal for both aspiring coders and career switchers. Our innovative programs are a practical, affordable alternative to traditional degrees, designed to turn you into a tech professional quickly.

Learn essential coding skills through real-world projects, build a standout portfolio, and balance your education with work and personal life through our flexible, part-time courses. With supportive mentors, engaging sessions, and financial accessibility, Holberton NYC is the perfect place to start or advance your tech career.

Holberton NY:
Powered by LAU New York

Holberton New York is proudly offered and hosted by LAU New York, which leverages LAU’s rich educational heritage and extensive alumni network. This partnership blends LAU LAU New York's century-long legacy of academic excellence with Holberton’s innovative approach to technology education, providing an unmatched learning experience.

Academic Legacy

LAU New York has cultivated leaders for over 100 years, with rigorous academics and a global alumni network exceeding 40,000. It ranks among the top 600 universities worldwide, as per the World University Rankings 2024.

Global Connections​

Students gain access to a vast network of professionals across industries, opening doors to international opportunities and cross-border collaborations.

Strategic Location

Situated in midtown Manhattan, LAU New York offers a strategic gateway to one of the world’s leading tech and business hubs, enhancing job prospects and industry connections.

Kickstart Your Tech Career
with Holberton NYC

Average Salary
$ 0

Software developers in the U.S. earn a median annual salary of $120,730, reflecting their high market value.

Job Growth
0 %

Employment for software developers is expected to grow by 26% over the next decade, significantly outpacing many other professions.

Future-Proof Career
0 %

Learning software engineering prepares you for both current and future technological advancements, ensuring a long-term, evolving career.

Source: Forbes

9-Month Foundations of Computer Science and Software Engineering


9 months, online
35‐40 hours per week


Standard Rate: $18,000
Discounted Rate: As low as $15,000

3 Payment Options:
Pay Upfront & In Full: As low as $12,000 (Save $3,000)
Traditional Loan: Payments as low as $300 per month
Payment Plan (9 Months): Payments as low as $1,500 per month


Emerge as a fully-equipped software engineer, ready for a variety of tech roles.

Ready to fully commit to your software engineering career?
Enroll now through the Holberton Portal.

At Holberton, flexibility is key. Begin with our 3-Month Bootcamp, and if inspired, progress to the full 9-Month Program to deepen your tech expertise.

3-Month Python & JavaScript Bootcamp: Beginner to Programmer in 3 Months


3 months, online
35‐40 hours per week


Standard Rate: $7,000
Discounted Rate: As low as $6,000

3 Payment Options:
Pay Upfront & In Full: As low as $5,000 (Save $1,000)
Traditional Loan: Payments as low as $118 per month
Payment Plan (3 Months): Payments as low as $1,800 per month


Gain a solid programming foundation, preparing you for further tech studies or entry-level roles.

Fill out our quick form, and our admissions team will reach out to guide you through the enrollment process for our 3-month bootcamp.

Program Topics at Holberton NYC

Holberton NYC's programs are meticulously designed to develop a comprehensive skill set in software development. Through our 9-month comprehensive journey and the 3-month Python & JavaScript Essentials Bootcamp, you'll engage in hands-on learning and gain practical knowledge in key areas of software engineering.

9-Month Foundations of Computer Science and Software Engineering

Skills Developed:
Start with Git, command line editors, and bash scripting. Dive deep into C programming, covering makefiles, pointers, recursion, memory allocation, and more.

Practical Application:
Develop core utilities like your own printf function and a basic shell, applying foundational C knowledge.

Skills Developed:
Progress to advanced Python programming, including data structures, exceptions, and classes. Learn the basics of HTML/CSS, SQL, and object-relational mapping.

Practical Application:
Apply Python and SQL skills in web development projects, building a solid foundation in back-end technologies.

Skills Developed:
Focus on full-stack Python development, API, web scraping, and advanced JavaScript topics.

Practical Application:
Undertake dynamic web development projects, honing your skills in modern web frameworks and JavaScript.

3-Month Python & JavaScript Essentials Bootcamp

Skills Developed:
Master Python basics, from first statements to file I/O, and learn the fundamentals of data structures and algorithms.

Practical Application:
Work on Python-based exercises and projects, establishing a strong base in programming.

Skills Developed:
Get acquainted with JavaScript essentials, including object manipulation, scopes, closures, and basic web scraping.

Practical Application:
Implement JavaScript in web development tasks, gaining an understanding of front-end programming.

Skills Developed:
Dive into dynamic web application development using Python and JavaScript, focusing on web frameworks, APIs, and Web integration.

Practical Application:
Develop comprehensive web applications, applying both Python and JavaScript in real-world scenarios.

Each module, in both programs, is an engaging and immersive experience, designed not just to impart the latest in tech knowledge but also to equip you for the evolving demands of the software development industry.

Centered Around You: Holberton NYC's Supportive Ecosystem

Mentoring Team

Our industry-savvy mentors are here to boost your coding prowess.

Tutor Network

Enjoy free tutoring and personal mentorship, focusing on your unique learning needs.

Student Success Team

This team is your go-to for navigating the program and enhancing your educational journey.

Career Services

Get expert help turning your skills into career milestones, from job search to interviews.

Peer Network

Engage with your peers in a supportive community, fostering both academic and professional bonds.

Hear It From Our Graduates

John S., Software Developer at a Leading Tech Firm
Read More
"Holberton NYC transformed my career path. The hands-on approach and real-world projects were exactly what I needed to break into the tech industry. The support from instructors and peers was invaluable. Now, I'm working on exciting projects at a company I've always admired!"
Maria P., Freelance Web Developer
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"The flexibility of the Holberton program was a game-changer for me. Balancing my studies with personal commitments was challenging, but the part-time schedule made it possible. The skills I gained have allowed me to launch a successful freelance career. Truly life-changing!"
Ahmed R., Junior Full-Stack Engineer
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"Coming from a non-tech background, I was initially apprehensive. But the curriculum at Holberton NYC is so well structured and comprehensive that it made my transition smooth. The career services team helped me land my first tech job within weeks of graduating!"
Emily T., AI Specialist
Read More
"I chose Holberton for their specialized tracks, and it was the best decision I ever made. The AI module opened doors for me in a field I'm passionate about. The tutors and mentors pushed me to excel and were always available for guidance. I now work on cutting-edge AI projects, and I owe a big part of my success to Holberton."
Bilal: Software Engineer at Credit Karma
Read More
"Since I started working at Credit Karma, I got promoted 3 times in 2 years. I am now a Software Engineer III. Holberton School's method of teaching is outstanding and everyone at this school is super helpful."
Arthur: Holberton School San Francisco, Cohort 8
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"To me, one of the most valuable things from the program are the peers! That's what makes it so unique. How closely and intensely you work with others, that's one of the best resources. The curriculum is awesome, the problems are great, and the real magic comes from working together on them."
Mary: Holberton School Colombia, Cohort 10
Read More
"I found it very inclusive because you don't have to pay upfront. I will be very happy to give every cent after I graduate so that someone else will have the opportunity to study."

Simple Enrollment Process for Your Tech Career

Embark on a rewarding tech journey with Holberton NYC. Whether you're aiming for a quick skill boost or a comprehensive learning experience, we have streamlined the process to get you started:

Choose Your Course

Opt for our 3-Month Python & JavaScript Essentials Bootcamp for a shorter commitment with the option to extend, or dive into the full 9-Month Comprehensive Program for an all-encompassing tech education.

Easy Application Process

For the 3-Month Bootcamp: Simply fill out a brief form on our website. It's quick, straightforward, and the first step towards a focused tech skill boost.
For the 9-Month Program: Apply through the Holberton Portal. This in-depth application ensures we tailor the comprehensive program to your career aspirations.

Confirmation and Commencement

Stay Tuned: After submitting your application, our admissions team will promptly contact you with further instructions and next steps.
Begin Your Journey: Once accepted, get ready to immerse yourself in learning and start transforming your tech aspirations into reality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At Holberton NYC, we currently offer two main programs: the 9‐Month Comprehensive Program, covering Linux, C programming, Python, JavaScript, and full‐stack web development, and the 3‐Month Python & JavaScript Essentials Bootcamp, focused on fundamental programming and web development skills. Both programs are structured to provide the skills necessary for tech careers. In the near future, Holberton NYC will be offering specialization programs in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality, Front-End Web Development & Web React Development.

No prior tech experience is necessary. Our programs cater to both complete beginners and those with some coding background, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience for all skill levels.

The application process is straightforward. Simply fill out our online form, select your desired program, and we will contact you with further instructions and next steps.

Yes, we offer flexible payment options. This includes installment plans over 5 years, with the choice to commence payments after graduation.

We offer comprehensive career support, including a dedicated career advisor, workshops for resume writing and interview preparation, and opportunities to network within the tech industry.

You will acquire a diverse skill set, starting from foundational programming and web development to more advanced areas including full-stack development, data structures, algorithms, and preparation for specialized fields such as AI and cloud computing.

Find Your Tech Path:
Choose the Course That's Right for You

Complete the form to progress toward the tech education that best suits your professional goals.

3-Month Python & JavaScript Essentials Bootcamp

* We respect your privacy. Your information will only be used for Holberton NYC program-related communications and will not be shared with third parties.

9-Month Foundations of Computer Science and Software Engineering

Our automated admissions process aims to remove human biases. It was created specifically to identify smart, motivated people and doesn't take into account previous education, work experience, gender, ethnicity, or age. There's also no cost to apply.

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